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Direct Work with African Families

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  • Are you an agency seeking to engage with your African and other ethnic minority communities?
  • Are you keen to gain access and trust of black and minority ethnic groups (BAME) so that you can make your services become more accessible to them?
  • Would you like to explore options to increase uptake of your services by these communities to improve the outcome of these families?
  • Whether you are a parent, a parent group or you work with children voluntarily in a club or a community group we would like to work with you.
  • Would you like to be equipped and supported to become more effective in working with children?
  • Do you need information on any parenting issues or in understanding the legal aspects of parenting / working with children in the UK?

Workshops we have run in the past include:-

  • Cultural Awareness Workshops for practitioners.
  • Facilitated Open Dialogue workshops for practitioners and service users.
  • Family Tree project for an Extended Family group.
  • Cross cultural parenting
  • Understanding the UK education system
  • Safeguarding and the African Family
  • Behaviour management relevant to the ages and stages of children
  • Effective Communication in the family