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About Us

Verachilly Consultancy Services Limited is an independent provider of services to individuals, schools, and local authorities nationwide based in the Eastern region. We provide innovative support packages to individuals, local authorities, GP Surgeries, and education authorities. Read more

Our Mission

Verachilly Consultancy Services is on a mission to deliver services to reach families to ensure that every child and adult is enabled to achieve their full potential in a person-centered way.

Our Vision

At Verachilly Consultancy Services, we want every child to reach their full potential



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Our Services

Consultancy and Training

All consultancy and training undertaken by our team are based upon the principles of value for money; outcomes for adults and children; proactive customer engagement and delivery of excellence. Read More

Independent Social Work

Verachilly Social Work provides high-quality social work intervention through accessing its extensive network of experienced Social Work from a variety of disciplines and specialisms. Read more

Intensive Family Support

Our Intensive Family Support Services is managed by an experienced Social Worker with extensive experience in frontline Children Services in both Child Protection and Children with Disability Service. Read more

Specialist Social Work Assessment

Qualified Social Workers are able to undertake specialist assessments – Form F’s, Specialist Guardianship, Residence Orders, Core Assessments, Risk Assessment, and Viability Assessments. Read more

Direct Work with African Families

Are you an agency seeking to engage with your African and other ethnic minority communities. Read more

Why Choose Us!

Early Help

We deliver targeted services to address identified needs and risk at the earliest opportunity


We believe in shared responsibility to ensure children are safe at home, school, and in their community


We empower children and families using a strength-based approach and child-focused activities to ensure children are able to thrive and cope with life challenges.

Learning and Achievement

We believe that all children can achieve their goals and we support them be the best they can be with targeted interventions to close the gap so that vulnerable children feel empowered to achieve as well as their peers

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